Grid Modernization: Energy Storage

Advances in energy storage are leading to rapidly growing opportunities for Midwestern states. Participants in this series learned about how battery energy storage is applied to the electric grid across the country, energy storage project development, and how regulatory frame-works are evolving to ensure the Midwest can utilize energy storage to create a more reliable and modern grid.


In the lead-up to the summit, the MGA hosted a series of webinars to highlight critical components of the topic.

May 16, 2017

Piecing the Puzzle Together: Energy Storage in the Regulatory Framework

In our last webinar installment, participants gained an understanding of how energy storage fits within the regulatory framework at both the state and federal levels. We discussed how utilities are working to integrate storage projects into resource planning and how regulators view energy storage projects’ viability as solutions to system needs.

April 25, 2017

Batteries in Action

With rapidly dropping costs, the business case for deploying battery energy storage has never been more viable. We looked at how we got to this point, heard from project developers who are building battery storage projects in the Midwest, and discussed from where the next technology breakthrough may come.

March 21, 2017

The Other End of Storage: Rebirth of Pumped Hydro

Much of the interest in energy storage today is being driven by battery technologies. However, massive amounts of storage capacity are regaining the spotlight by becoming more flexible and cost-effective. Participants learned about case for pumped hydro energy storage, hydro power, how these projects compete in wholesale electricity markets, and their ability to integrate and balance high penetrations of renewables.​

February 21, 2017

Introductory Webinar: Energy Storage 101

A presentation and discussion on the history of battery energy storage, emerging technologies, and applications of battery storage across electricity grids throughout the country. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of why battery energy storage is useful, where it is being implemented and by whom, and the barriers to further implementation.