MGA Applauds Farm Bill Being Signed Into Law

Washington, D.C. –The Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) applauds the recent passage and signing into law of the new, five-year Farm Bill. Enacting a new Farm Bill provides longterm planning and stability to Midwestern farmers, rural communities, homegrown energy sources and a thriving export market.

Agriculture plays a vital role throughout the nation, and all Americans have a stake in U.S. agriculture policy. The Farm Bill is about more than farmers, ranchers and crops – it also addresses the safety and security of our food supply, promotes domestic energy production, revitalizes communities, protects the environment, and improves food security and nutrition. In a time of economic recovery, the Farm Bill is also about jobs, economic growth and sustainability.

“A strong agricultural economy is absolutely crucial to Minnesota and the other Midwestern states. Despite its deficiencies, it is a relief to have the Farm Bill finally signed into law,” said Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, Chair of the MGA.

In 2012, the MGA released regional recommendations for the new Farm Bill. These recommendations covered the vast array of issues and titles addressed within this critical piece of legislation, including commodities, livestock, forestry, invasive species, energy, conservation, rural development, research, nutrition, credit and insurance. The complete document is available at


The MGA is a nonprofit, bipartisan organization that brings together the governors of Midwestern states to work cooperatively on issues of importance to the region. Current members of the MGA are Gov. Pat Quinn (Ill.), Gov. Mike Pence (Ind.), Gov. Terry Branstad (Iowa), Gov. Sam Brownback (Kansas), Gov. Rick Snyder (Mich.), Gov. Mark Dayton (Minn.), Gov. Jay Nixon (Mo.), Gov. John Kasich (Ohio) and Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.). 

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