About Us

Working together to advance a strong, sustainable economy for America’s Smartland.

The Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) is a non-profit, bipartisan organization that brings together governors and their staff to address public policy issues of significance to the region. The MGA provides governors with the opportunity to foster regional development and attain greater efficiency in state administration. It also facilitates the exchange of views and experiences on subjects of importance to the people of Midwestern states. 

The region’s governors offer innovative and practical approaches and solutions that serve as national modes for addressing some of America’s most pressing challenges. The MGA includes the governors of 12 Midwestern states. Its efforts are led by the Executive Committee, which consists of the Chair, Vice Chair and Immediate Past Chair of the association. 

The MGA Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) supports the Executive Committee on behalf of the region’s governors. Appointed by their respective governors, committee members include Midwestern chief executives’ top policy advisors. The SAC maintains an ongoing interstate dialogue to identify the most pressing issues facing the region and oversees the development of cooperative efforts and joint policy statements.

Each year, the MGA leads a “Chair’s Initiative,” which is selected by the MGA Chair. Most recently, the MGA has tackled the issues of reducing poverty and expanding opportunities, strengthening the propane supply chain, and reducing the spread of aquatic invasive species. The Chair’s Agenda typically consists of a working group comprised of state staff, industry leaders, and relevant stakeholders. 

 For more information about the current Chair’s agenda, click here.

Our History

In 1962, governors from Midwestern states met in Chicago to focus on ways regional governors can work to foster regional development, facilitate interstate cooperation, improve intergovernmental relations and provide a medium for the exchange of views and experiences on subjects of importance to the people of the Midwestern states. At this meeting, governors signed the original articles of incorporation establishing the Midwestern Governors Association.

1962 Midwestern Governors

Photos credited to their respective states’ historical societies. Gov. Kerner’s photo credit to MSNBC.