Illinois Governor JB Pritzker

Chair's Agenda

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has announced his MGA Chair’s agenda – “Better Connections Between RTOs – Improving Transmission Seams Reliability in the Midwest”.  His agenda will focus on bringing Midwestern regulators and policymakers together to position the Midwest as a modern energy producer and low-cost energy provider, with a goal of establishing a long-term transmission grid vision for the region.

Since the start of the MID-GRID 2035 effort in late 2019, the Midwest has made considerable progress toward the vision outlined by the states. Regional and interregional transmission planning is taking place at a scale not before contemplated, and new generation investments have provided economic development and other benefits. Simultaneously, the region has dealt with multiple major weather events, grid reliability challenges, increasing costs due to global economic turmoil and record inflation, and an increasing rate of generation retirements.

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