MGA Hosts Propane Supply Chain Working Group Meeting

MADISON, WI – The Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) convened a meeting in Madison this week to discuss the current and future condition of the propane supply chain. The meeting brought together governors’ policy advisers, state agencies and other interested stakeholders from Midwestern states to discuss the challenges posed to the system, as well as next steps the region can take to ease any future propane supply and demand issues.

The meeting provided an opportunity to examine the propane supply chain and its ability to meet product demands, which includes drying grain and heating homes and businesses throughout the Midwest. States discussed steps taken this past winter; lessons learned and best practices. Also discussed was the potential impact of the upcoming reversal of the Cochin pipeline, which is a significant propane supplier to the region. Propane storage was also a topic of discussion.

“The propane shortage was felt by residents and businesses all throughout the Midwest this past winter, which is why I selected strengthening our propane supply chain as my MGA Chair’s Initiative,” said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, current Chair of the MGA. “This meeting served as a great step forward to learn about what worked, how communications can be improved and how states can help the industry with enhancing consumer awareness and industry preparedness.”

Given the propane supply challenges the Midwest experienced over the past year, as well as the unusually wet fall and cold winter, Governor Walker focused his 2014 MGA Chair’s agenda on strengthening the propane supply chain.

In carrying out this agenda, the MGA has convened a propane supply chain working group comprised of state government agencies and those in the industry to better enhance consumer awareness and industry preparedness. In addition to this and future in-person meetings, the working group engages in twicemonthly conference calls to enhance regional cooperation.

More information and updates on Walker’s agenda as chair of the MGA are available by visiting


The MGA is a nonprofit, bipartisan organization that brings together the governors of Midwestern states to work cooperatively on issues of importance to the region. Current members of the MGA are Gov. Pat Quinn (Ill.), Gov. Mike Pence (Ind.), Gov. Terry Branstad (Iowa), Gov. Sam Brownback (Kansas), Gov. Rick Snyder (Mich.), Gov. Mark Dayton (Minn.), Gov. Jay Nixon (Mo.), Gov. John Kasich (Ohio) and Gov. Scott Walker (Wis.).

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