Governor Gretchen Whitmer

  • SWORN IN JANUARY 1, 2019

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a lifelong Michigander focused on getting things done that will make a real difference in people’s lives.

She has signed over 1,250 bipartisan bills and five balanced budgets. From cutting taxes for seniors and working families to put hundreds of dollars back in their pockets and investing in schools to improve student outcomes to fixing 20,000 lane miles of the damn roads, Governor Whitmer delivers on the fundamentals.

By lowering the cost of job training and higher education, cutting red tape for permitting and redevelopment, and competing with other states and nations, Governor Whitmer has made Michigan one of America’s best states to do business, attracted investments from around the world, and maintained a strong credit rating.

Since day one, her administration has gone everywhere and worked with anyone to make Michigan the best state to live, work, and invest. Whether you’re a family looking to start a life with more affordable health care and housing, a business looking to expand with a skilled workforce, or a young person seeking a path to a brighter future with more personal freedoms, Governor Whitmer is focused on building a safer, more welcoming Michigan with a place for you.

Governor Whitmer works alongside three dynamic statewide leaders: Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. She lives in Lansing with her husband Dr. Marc Mallory and Kevin & Doug, the First Dogs of Michigan. She has two daughters and three stepsons. Governor Whitmer earned a bachelor’s and law degree from Michigan State University.