Governor Pritzker Announces His MGA Chair’s Agenda – Better Connections Between RTOs – Improving Transmission Seams Reliability in the Midwest

The Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) is excited to welcome Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker as its new Chair and announce his MGA Chair’s Agenda “Better Connections Between RTOs – Improving Transmission Seams Reliability in the Midwest,” which continues to make transmission planning an important a focus of the association.

“As we face threats to the electric grid from our changing climate, we must all work together to ensure the electric grid remains reliable,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “The MID-GRID 2035 initiative is vital for not only that goal, but to the economic growth of the Midwest. As we transition to clean energy sources, we must all work together to ensure we are effectively utilizing the available energy resources across the region.”

While the association will continue the MID-GRID 2035 transmission planning and education initiative, which is also kicking off phase two with a meeting this week in Chicago, Governor Pritzker added some additional areas of emphasis, which include interregional transmission planning and ensuring reliability, particularly in the face of recent weather related challenges.

“Transmission planning is critical for Midwestern communities. I am grateful that Governor Pritzker will be taking the lead on these efforts,” said immediate past Chair, Governor Tim Walz.

Since the start of the MID-GRID 2035 effort in late 2019, the Midwest has made considerable progress toward the vision outlined by the states. Regional and interregional transmission planning is taking place at a scale not before contemplated, and new generation investments have provided economic development and other benefits.

“The Midwest is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the economic opportunities that the region’s energy resources can provide,” said Jesse Heier, executive director of the association. “It is equally important to maximize the energy resources and be able to move them throughout the region and to other parts of the country.”

More information about the Governor’s agenda and the upcoming meeting can be found online at