MGA Holds Seventh Annual Electric Transmission Meeting Grid Security and Modernization: Hardening the Midwestern Grid

Milwaukee, WI – The Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) recently concluded its seventh annual
electric transmission meeting in Milwaukee, WI. The meeting, Grid Security and Modernization:
Hardening the Midwestern Grid, brought together governors’ staff, state energy office staff, state utility
commissioners, energy companies, federal partners and other industry stakeholders.
An important component of modernizing the grid is a “fix it first” approach. This event was an
opportunity to share Midwestern strategies for safeguarding and improving the region’s electric grid.
Topics covered at this event included disaster preparedness, micro grids, distributed generation, and
“Securing and modernizing the electric grid is vital for continued economic growth in the Midwest,” said
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Chair of the MGA. “As we build the grid of the future, we must also
take care to ensure we are prepared for weather disasters and cybersecurity threats, while also meeting
customer needs and staying current with technological advancements, such as micro grids and
distributed generation.”
Industry representatives discussed plans for the grid of the future, as well as the need to balance
technological advancements with meeting customer needs. Commissioners from three Midwestern
states discussed the challenges for regulators on determining how best to improve and modernize the
grid for both utilities and customers.
Jesse Heier, executive director of the MGA, said, “Electric transmission planning serves as a great
example of how Midwestern governors are collaborating across state borders to strengthen our regional
economy, maintain competitive energy prices, and ensure grid reliability and security.”
This was the seventh meeting the MGA hosted to highlight the steady progress in planning for the
electric transmission needs of the future. The meeting was another event in a multi-year project the
MGA is undertaking on grid security and modernizing. More information on the MGA’s transmission and
grid modernization efforts is available at