MGA Holds Regional Forestry Summit “Maximizing Forestry Resources in the Midwest”

Madison, WI – The Midwestern Governors Association (MGA) recently concluded its regional
forestry summit that concluded Gov. Scott Walker’s chairmanship of the association. The
meeting, Maximizing Forestry Resources in the Midwest, brought together governors’ staff,
state DNR staff, state foresters, federal partners, trade groups, private industry, NGOs, and
academia to promote the economic, recreational, and tourism benefits of the regions’ forests.
“Our forests, in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest are some of our greatest resources,”
said Governor Scott Walker. “By working together, states can maintain our excellent reputation
as a great outdoor activity destination for families, while also helping forestry grow by
employing hardworking Midwesterners and contributing to each of our states’ economies.”
Topics covered at this event included expanding economic growth in the forestry industry, how
wood is making a comeback in the building industry, how technology is creating new uses for
Midwestern forests, Midwestern forestry management, and a roundtable discussion on the top
issues facing Midwestern state foresters.
Jesse Heier, executive director of the MGA, said “Midwestern forests help make the Midwest
the best place to live. They provide jobs and activities in all four seasons and keep our region
Attendees also toured the Forest Products Laboratory, a part of the U.S. Forest Service. The
Forest Products Laboratory is working toward new utilizations of science and technology to
better help the United States achieve energy security, revitalize our economy in the 21st
Century, create jobs, successfully compete in the global economy, and sequester carbon
with forest products.
More information about the meeting is available at