Started by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and continued by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, the MGA has undertaken an initiative called MID-GRID 2035, which is a regional transmission education and planning effort to position the Midwest as a modern energy producer and low-cost energy provider, with the goal to establish a long-term transmission grid vision for the region.

This multi-year initiative has been divided into three phases:

Phase 1 – Defining the Grid Vision for 2035 (Completed)

Phase 1 focused on defining and developing a vision for what the grid should look like and do in 2035 and beyond. The MGA convened state government policy and regulatory leaders to discuss and determine the key functions of what the future grid should do, how it should operate, and how it will meet the needs and goals of individuals states and the region.

Phase 2 – Advancing the Grid Vision for 2035 (Completed)

In Phase 2, the goal is to take the grid vision, as determined by states, and advance and refine it with input from the broader stakeholder community. By adding stakeholders to the discussions, we hope to develop a more robust plan for the  future regional grid as we work towards tangible outcomes for the future. 

Phase 3 – Reaching Regional Consensus (In-Progress)

Phase 3 will focus on developing regional agreement on advancing from vision and concept, to actual pathways to move the region’s electric grid forward. The MGA will continue to work with states and stakeholders to refine the regional vision and move toward a study(s) with the ultimate goal of establishing a long-term transmission grid vision for the MGA region.

Activities By Phase

Phase 1

In Phase 1, state staff met collectively in person on multiple occasions via conference call. MGA staff also met with each state individually.

Phase 1 Work Product

MID-GRID Sponsors

The MGA would like to thank the following sponsors of MID-GRID 2035. Should your organization be interested in being a sponsor, please contact Jesse Heier via email at jheier@midwesterngovernors.org.

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