Power Plant Closures

Preparing Midwestern Communities for Power Plant Closures

The MGA, led by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, will lead an initiative to prepare  Midwest communities for  power plant closures. This issue is a focal point of Governor Walz’s MGA Chair’s agenda – “Empowering Midwestern Communities” – which will focus on bringing Midwestern policy leaders together to create economic opportunities in the energy sector.

As we undergo a national energy transition, the Midwest has experienced and will continue to experience numerous power plant closures. These power plants are often the largest employers and taxpayers in their cities, and the planned closures could have a significant impact on the community and its workforce. Through the MGA, we plan to harness the collective wisdom, ideas, and lessons learned from state and local government, industry, workers, the advocacy community, and economic development interests to develop solutions to assist these communities and support workers through the transition. 

Participants will be charged with scoping out the problem of closures, developing solutions to the problems, and developing plans to support these effected communities and their workforce. Since these generation facilities are often the communities’ largest employer, the loss to the community is large in terms of jobs, but also ancillary businesses. This initiative will investigate how to redevelop these facilities and create employment opportunities for workers in the community. By bringing together utilities, community leaders, workers, and energy advocates, we can better understand the impact these closures will have on communities and workers and how we can plan for a just, beneficial transition and a successful future.

To do so, we intend to host public, all-hands style meetings to have bigger picture discussions quarterly, as well as subgroups, to take deeper dives on main policy areas that can inform this dialogue. The MGA has also partnered with the Just Transition Fund to provide technical guidance and facilitation assistance as experts in this field.  


Quarterly Full Group Meetings

Final Recommendations

Thank you for participating at the MGA’s Preparing Midwestern Communities for Power Plant Closures effort this year. As we finalize the recommendations document, which can be found below, please complete the below survey to provide feedback.

Final Draft Document


Subgroups provide an opportunity for a deeper investigation of major themes and issues that will provide information and best practices for communities impacted by power plant closures.

Subgroup meetings are scheduled monthly, in-between quarterly full group meetings. Each subgroup is listed below with meeting dates, time, and single link to register for the subgroup meeting series. 

Local Community Impacts

Economic Development

Workforce & Education

Energy & Environment

Joint Subgroup Call – September 22, 2021 at 9 am Central
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Resources for Subgroups

This section will be a repository for resources that will provide you with additional information on transition issues. This is a living section and will be updated as more resources are added.